Simon was born with a gap in his beak which made it hard for him to eat, drink, and sing. Simon met Patty, who was also born with gap in her lip. Simon and Patty became friends and Simon went on to make many more friends. Once Simon believed in the beauty of himself, his feathers turned into a vibrant red color.

Meet Simon and Friends


A little red cardinal bird that was born with a gap in his beak. Simon accidentally fell from his nest and was found by Patty. Patty was also born with a gap in her lip. Patty helped Simon get his beak fixed so he could eat, drink, and sing. Patty helped Simon realize that his badge of courage made him strong and brave.


Patty was born with a cleft lip and palate. She had surgery when she was about six months of age to repair her lip and palate. She has had to undergo multiple surgeries and dental procedures as a result of being born with a cleft lip and palate. However, this has never stopped Patty from enjoying life and making new friends. Patty has a good sense of humor and likes to meet all kinds of different and wonderful people. Patty is very kind and accepting of others.


Fallon is a colorful and carefree bird. She is like a rainbow- glorious and hopeful. She likes to wear flip flops. Fallon wears glasses so she can see where she is flying. Fallon has a big smile and a heart full of love. She is always by Simon's side and gives him encouragement, love, and support.


Susie is Simon's older sister. Susie loves to watch butterflies because they have large, brightly colored wings and take on a conspicuous, fluttering flight. Susie loves to give butterfly kisses-she flutters her eyelashes against other birds feathers. She is sensitive, hopeful, and loves life.


Her friends call her Pixie, even though her name is Pauline. She got that nickname when she was young and she goes by Pixie, Pix, or Pauline. Pixie likes to dress up and put on fancy jewelry that sparkles. Pixie likes to look her best before she leaves her nest. She has a distinct laugh that all the birds know. When she flies with others, a good time is to be had by all. Pixie likes to have fun and is somewhat mischievous. That's why Simon and Pixie are best of friends.


Coco has taught Simon many important life lessons. She has always been a good friend to Simon. She likes to teach Simon all that she has learned. And, in turn, Coco has learned a lot from Simon. Coco is vibrant, bold, creative, and smart. Coco is always looking at ways to learn new things and share her knowledge with others.

Pete & Mark

Two male cardinal birds that love each other very much. They are bright and always cheerful. Pete and Mark take pride in how they look and treat others. They are advocates and proponents of equality and diversity for all. Pete and Mark taught Simon that love is love. Period.


Jose is Simon's older brother. Jose loves to give his brother Simon big hugs. Jose is always there for Simon and watches over him to make sure he knows he is supported and loved. Caring, strong, and reliable-three words that describe Jose perfectly.


Simon met Buddy when he was sitting alone on a tree branch. Buddy felt all alone. But, then, Simon asked if he could sit with Buddy. Something wonderful happened. They began to talk and became friends. Simon then created the "Buddy Branch". A place that is a safe haven which fosters friendship and inclusion. 

We all have the name "Buddy". Extend you hand to others and be kind.
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