Finding K&M: Patricia’s Story

February 16, 2021

Before finding K&M Printing, Patricia Simon worked with a well-established printing company. “Customers informed me that my books were missing pages. When I tried to contact this large company, I had to go through several people, and no one seemed to care. Their response was, ‘we will just send out another book.’ After many unanswered emails and phone calls, I knew I had to find a company that produced a quality product and provided excellent customer service,” said Patricia.

She looked for a printing company that could produce and mail her four children’s books after they were ordered through her website. Patricia reached out to K&M Printing after receiving recommendations, and it was a perfect fit.

“I work with Chris Kelly, and he’s been amazing. I gave Chris the files for my books, and he printed out sample copies. I reviewed them, and they were perfect,” says Patricia. She and Chris worked out the logistics of ordering, buying, printing, packaging, and mailing out the books. “Like a well-oiled machine, K&M Printing met all of my needs and exceeded my expectations,” she adds.

Patricia’s books can be ordered directly through her website, www. Once an order is placed, K&M Printing gets notified, and we take care of the printing, inventory, and shipping details. It is a very smooth process.

The story of Patricia’s books is close to her own experience. She was born with a cleft lip and palate. She is a registered nurse, Children’s Craniofacial Association (CCA) Kids Speakers’ Bureau member, member of Smile Train Cleft Community Advisory Council, and patient advocate for those born with craniofacial differences.

“When I dealt with my own adult cleft lip challenges, I went to the library and searched for children’s books that addressed facial differences. I was saddened to find that very few existed, so I decided to write my own books: ‘Smile with Simon,’ ‘Simon and the Buddy Branch,’ ‘Simon and Patty Go to Camp,’ and ‘Simon and the Bully.’ Each of the stories involves real people and stories from my life. I am my own publisher and marketing team, and I self-fund my books.

“My mission is to distribute books in care packages to those having surgery, to elementary educators utilizing an anti-bullying curriculum, and to craniofacial centers nationwide that treat children’s complex medical needs.” According to Patricia, “The response to my books has been so positive. The children love the illustrations, and the parents love the positive messaging. It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done!”

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