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What is Treacher Collins syndrome? Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS),is  a rare genetic condition affecting the development of bones and other tissues of the face. Because this condition is also characterized by absent, small, or unusually formed ears roughly half of people with TCS experience hearing loss. Therefore, many children need hearing aids and sign language lessons. 

Who is Jono Lancaster? Jono Lancaster, co-founder of the Love Me, Love My Face Foundation, doesn't look like everybody else because he isn't like anybody else.

Born with Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS), Jono spends his time traveling all over the world meeting families of children with TCS, spreading awareness of the condition, and leading free anti-bullying workshops in schools. Now, Lancaster visits as many schools as possible, from elementary to university level, always free of charge. Before establishing LMLMFF, he'd ask the schools to donate to various charities throughout the years. Now, he asks for a donation to the foundation because, though he knows every child has their own insecurities and is susceptible to bullying, he noted, "If you do have a genetic condition like Treacher Collins, then the potential of being bullied is higher. So when we started the foundation, it was huge for me that this continued..." 


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